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Wearing makeup during Covid-19

I’ll be the first to admit, quarantine has surely made an impact on my social life. We are no longer getting dolled up to sip cocktails at a local bar. Often, I find myself wondering if my workplace is even worthy of my current perfume, Tocca Stella($76). With that price tag, a couple mists cost me dollars!

But did you know perfume is actually known to improve confidence? Looking your best helps you feel your best. And what special occasion am I saving my new highlight for? Being alive of course! So here is some advice on cosmetics, during times of wearing facial masks in public.

Use a lotion to moisturize the skin, before applying a body fragrance. Layering matching creams will make an impact on longevity. Otherwise, just use a fragrance free or lightly scented lotion to avoid clashing scents. Mist areas that warm up throughout the day, such as neck, wrists, inner arm and décolleté. You can even use fragrance oil, if diluted with the correct ratio to carrier oil. Don’t let the oil seep into clothing though.

Not to prime is a crime! For dry skin types I like, Too Faced Hangover RX Primer ($35). Contains hydrating ingredients to keep you from getting cakey. Smashbox Photo Focus ($37) is a cult fave for a reason. This silicone primer is meant to fill in large pores to smooth out your canvas.

Don’t forget a setting powder, after using cream products such as concealer, or foundation. Milk Makeup Blur and Set ($29) or Makeup Revolution Loose Baking Powder ($8). Dry skin types may want to skip this step.

Set it and forget it! Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray ($33) will keep your hard work from rubbing off immediately. Morphe Continuous mist ($16) is a drugstore option at half the price, if you are balling on a budget.

Liquid lipsticks lock in color for hours, without smudging off. Ditch the creamier textures such as bullet lipsticks, to avoid a meltdown. Some of my all time favorites are KVD Beauty Liquid Lip ($21) and NYX Soft Matte lip creams ($6.50). Both are long wearing without being too drying.

You may have thought waterproof mascara was meant just for pool days. But think again. Masks can often rise up towards our under eyes. This results in smudged mascara below the lash line. Raccoon eyes is so 2008! Aim for a waterproof mascara which won’t move throughout the day. Lengthening award goes to Essence Lash Princess False Lash effect Waterproof ($5). If volumizing is more your style, go for the Two Faced Better than Sex Waterproof ($26).

Do you have any game changing tips for us?
Share your advice, and lets ride out 2020 with flawless makeup.

Happiness is a direction, not a place.

Sydney J. Harris