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Save Money on Groceries

Food is the number one budget that most of us abuse. USDA estimates 30-40% of our food supply in the United States is wasted, per year. Please take a moment to digest that. So how can you become a knowledgeable consumer? By only purchasing what you need, and saving dollars doing so.

Sustainable consumer’s shop at the Farmers Markets to find locally sourced foods during harvest season.

Online shopping keeps a rolling balance in the cart, as you add and delete items. Once you notice the price adding up, you will delete those impulse buys.

Do you have any backyard or window space? Plant a garden in the Spring for your own produce supply. I typically share any surplus with my neighbors. The initial investment can be pricy, though plants will yield for months. Depending on plants you chose, it will require weekly or even daily maintenance.

Pay attention to the price per unit, not the price itself.

Are you truly going to go through 8 jars of peanut butter within its expiration date? Large grocery carts encourage visitors to buy more. For household items such as toilet paper or laundry detergent, this is a bargain but otherwise may be a huge scam.

Take inventory of your pantry before heading out. Lets say you found ground beef in the freezer and some black beans in the pantry. is a great resource for this task. All you do is enter select ingredients, and it provides you with multiple ideas of what to do with what you already have.

Try the generic brand of your favorite breakfast cereal or pasta shells next time. Often made in bulk at the same factory, using different packaging.

Save hundreds at smaller suppliers such as Aldi’s or Trader Joe’s, who carry less stock than your average supermarkets.

Vegetables rotting too soon? Frozen prepackaged goods are just as nutritious and keep longer than fresh produce.

Avoid purchasing pre-cut foods. Although these may be convenient at the time, the markup can often be double. Take the two minutes it takes to slice and dice, while keeping those extra coins.

Batch cook portions, enjoy your serving and freeze the others for a leftover meal. They always say pasta tastes best the next day, once sauce has thickened. Chicken pot pies or breakfasts pancakes freeze well too.

Keep at least one cheat meal in your freezer to steer clear of ordering carry out in a pinch. Not always the healthiest option but we’ve all been there.

Enjoy clean water by attaching a purifier to the kitchen sink. Decrease the amount of plastic in our ocean by opting for a reusable water bottle.

Canned goods are best to stock up on while on sale. If you can afford it, buy one for now, and one for later. Thank yourself when you’re strapped on cash until payday.

Buy meat in bulk at lower price per pound. Go home, separate portions and freeze using a Food Saver. One of my favorite kitchen gadgets by far.

Storing food correctly, is such an overlooked concept. Cooked meats can only sit out for two hours before starting to grow bacteria rapidly. Keep that in mind when you are having a cook out this Summer. No thank you, foodborne illness.