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Stuck at Home Quarantine Routine

I won’t get into the details but I was exposed to Covid-19.

The COVID19 Hotline recommended waiting 5 days post exposure, to get tested. So here I am, self isolating at home all day. To be honest, I feel if I didn’t discover mindfulness or inspirational podcasts within the past 6 months, I would be in a total different headspace right now. Striving to use this time to get in tune with myself and stay positive. Hopefully you never have to go through something similar but if you do, here’s a guide to my “Stuck at Home Quarantine Routine.”

Day 1 – Cleaning day

After much research, looks like good ‘ol sunlight emitting Vitamin D helps boost immunity. Just don’t forget to lather up in sunscreen 15 minutes before. So of course, I paced in the sunlight in my backyard for about 20 minutes picking up all those toys my pup likes to run out. If you are not fortunate enough to have the outdoor space, at least let in some light. Draw the blinds, or maybe even crack the window for some fresh air.

Ordered some groceries for delivery, including daily multivitamins and Vitamin D3 gummies. This was actually quite fun, since I have not done this before. Frugal shoppers swear by this, to avoid adding splurge items to your cart last minute. Cleaned the house, changed my bed sheets, and completed a load of laundry. Enhanced my shower routine exfoliating with a home made body scrub. I’ll feature my recipe in an upcoming post, if you’re interested.

Day 2 – Play some music

Don’t get lost in the trap of sleeping your life away, unless of course you are ill and need the rest. Set an alarm featuring your current favorite song for the motivation to get going. One hour workout combination of cardio, ab work out and yoga. Whipped up blueberry pancakes for breakfast, doing the dishes immediately following my meal. A clean sink gives me the sense of calm moving forward. When stuck in the same day on repeat, its important there is no going back – only forward.

Luckily, before everything went down I picked up some Paul Mitchell The Demi hair color. This fun task improved my self confidence. Plus, it will still look great for a month or so, post isolation. Coming from someone who graduated beauty school, I do NOT recommend coloring your hair at home with box dye. If you need a change, try a temporary color tinting shampoo or conditioner set. Please don’t do anything you’ll regret later. This time is about recharging, not rebelling.

Day 3 – Play dress up

First thing in the morning, I put on my New Balance Sports Bra and American Eagle Jogger Pants I got over the holidays. I would clean out my closet, but I did this about a month back. If you haven’t done this, do it now. Bring in the new year by decluttering what you are not loving, making space for what you value. Consider donating to a second hand shop if in good condition. Reduce the amount of trash and fast fashion in our landfills. Have an outfit just sitting in the closet waiting for a rainy day? No better special occasion than being alive. In the uniform, this gave me motivation to do a 40 minute work out following 15 minute pilates. Getting up the heart rate reminds you that you are alive.

After freshening up, I felt a little crafty. About a month back, I had purchased soy wax and fragrance oils to make wax tarts. Pink and purple were my color choice in honor of Valentines day next month. A single pound created multiple heart shapes, jewels and clamshells. These will take two weeks to cure before use, so they will be in isolation too.

Day 4 – Spa day

Brewed some coffee, fried 3 eggs then topped them with crab dip. YUM! For a heartier meal, toast some whole wheat bread with a sliver of butter melted on each. Take five minutes to eat in silence, allowing thoughts to flow without distraction. Check out a new station on Spotify. Todays listen was “Positive Mindset Podcast” by Henry G. Let the good vibes flow in the background, while you paint your toes. Today, I’m using OPI Base Coat + Sinful Colors Polish 969 Let’s Talk + OPI Top Coat. Beautiful deep purple, perfect winter color. Leaving my fingernails bare to create an easier read for the pulse ox to determine my oxygen levels, if things take a turn for the worst.

Have a sheet mask just laying around? What a better time to try it out. Lightly cleanse the skin first, then follow directions listed on the packaging. Run a warm bath to soothe those hard working muscles. This Green Tea Bath Bomb ($2.50, created a fun experience, from the aromatic bubbles to the green tinted water. also creates beautiful handmade bath products as well. You can use this time to flip through that magazine you’ve been meaning to read. Southern Living is my go to for inspiration. End the day with a 20 minute yoga session to stretch out muscles you didn’t even know you had. Stretching increases oxygen flow through your body and truly just feels great.

Day 5 – Lazy Day

Don’t get discouraged now, we are half way to the finish line! A strict 10 day quarantine is a must. Today I get tested for some peace of mind. Thankful for Netflix releasing new shows to binge watch from the comfort of my own bed.

What should I do next?
Comment below with suggestions and most importantly,
stay happy, healthy and safe!